Twitter Users Roast Experts Who Say ‘You Should Have Twice Your Salary Saved’ By 35

"I think you meant to say, By 35 you should have debt twice your salary."

A bit of financial advice almost broke Twitter on Tuesday.

MarketWatch, a financial website, published an article that said that an individual “should have twice your salary” saved for retirement by age 35, according to Fidelity Investments, a Boston-based investment firm.

The article also addresses how this expectation is unrealistic for many, citing that people who are now in their 30s “are plagued with crippling student debt,” that current “home prices are rising as are mortgage rates,” and that some millennials are saving for a wedding — and notes that “the average American wedding costs about $35,000.” But many Twitter users couldn’t see past “twice your salary” by 35. 

And then the jokes — which are equal parts funny and sad — started rolling in.

The snark soon sparked a hilarious meme: