Twitter Hilariously Roasts Website For Saying Hilary Duff ‘Still’ Looks ‘Great’ At 35

"A woman aged thirty-five years should be horrendous to behold or frankly even dead,” one person tweeted.
Hilary Duff in May.
Hilary Duff in May.
Arturo Holmes via Getty Images

This may be the one downside of hiring a social media manager in their 20s.

Twitter users over the age of 30 ignored their arthritis this week to hilariously dunk on a tweet by Daily Loud.

On Tuesday, the Twitter account for the hip-hop website posted two photos of Hilary Duff in a bathing suit from her recent Women’s Health Australia spread.

Hilary Duff still looking great at age 35,” the caption for the tweet read — and it seems like users had an issue with one word in that sentence.

Duff, who was born in 1987 and isn’t even a geriatric millennial, just turned 35 in September, which most would agree — albeit teenagers and, well, some men — is still relatively young.

The insinuation that Duff’s attractiveness was noteworthy due to her age tickled (and perhaps fractured) Twitter users’ funny bones so hard that they just had to clear their landlines, dust off their old desktop PCs and log onto Twitter via AOL to post a few jokes about it.

To read what they had to say, grab your reading glasses and check them out below.

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