Twitter Thinks The White House Easter Egg Roll Bunny Channels 'Donnie Darko'

"The Donnie Darko sequel has taken an unexpected turn."

The 139th annual White House Easter Egg Roll kicked off Monday morning with a furry friend that the internet found mildly disturbing.

Thousands of adults and children came to the South Lawn to participate as the formal event, which began in 1870s on the grounds of the Capitol, kicked off at 7:30 a.m. ET. Various other activities and entertainment accompanied the actual egg roll, a game where children race wooden eggs with spoons.

Per tradition that began during the Nixon administration, there is also a costumed Easter bunny to aid in the celebrations. But this year, the bespeckled bunny that made an appearance had viewers, uh, perplexed.

The suit, mouth agape, had Twitter users all over making comparisons to a character in the 2001 cult-classic film “Donnie Darko.”

For reference, this is what the actual “Donnie Darko” bunny, Frank, looks like:


The “Donnie Darko” bunny is clearly more sinister, but the joke is still pretty great:

Maybe next year we’ll get the Sean Spicer bunny again.



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