This Twitter Thread Explained How The Avengers Would Handle The Capitol Riot

The Avengers assembled, thanks to comedy writer Mike DiCenzo. But the reaction wasn't completely positive.

UPDATE: 7:50 p.m. — Much like the Infinity Stones in the “Avengers” movies, the viral Twitter thread showing what the Avengers would have done as a mob assaulted the U.S. Capitol has been destroyed, aka deleted. In an email to HuffPost, thread author Mike DiCenzo said he took down the tweets following toxic responses online.


A new Twitter thread explains what the Avengers would’ve been doing during the riot incited by President Donald Trump at the U.S. Capitol earlier this month. And you know things are bad when even Thanos has to put out a press statement.

The thread, which is quickly gaining traction online, comes from comedy writer and former “Tonight Show” producer Mike DiCenzo. Just last month, DiCenzo also went viral for explaining how the characters on “Gilmore Girls” would handle COVID-19.

(Rory from Seasons 5-7 would’ve gone to a superspreader party with Logan, if you’re wondering.)

In these new tweets, however, the comedian takes a deep dive into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What would Thor say if he met the Viking-clad QAnon rioter? Would Iron Man have a nickname for Trump? And how would Ant-Man top the fly meme for Vice President Mike Pence?

As anyone who doesn’t know what Orwellian means would say (i.e. GOP Sen. Josh Hawley), the whole thread is pretty Orwellian. See what your favorite character would do below:

Ahead of the Nov. 3 presidential election, Trump’s own team compared him to Thanos. But as the Mad Titan himself might say, this PR move seems “inevitable.”

Neal Kirby, the son of Captain America co-creator Jack Kirby, recently condemned the Capitol attackers for wearing superhero apparel during the riots. Kirby called photos of the rioters corrupting his father’s imagery “disgusting and disgraceful.”

With that in mind, DiCenzo’s take seems like a more accurate depiction of how superheroes would react. In addition, as HuffPost editor Alexander Eichler points out, War Machine still has nothing to do ... which is also pretty accurate.

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