Nonprofit Social Media: 5 Facebook, Twitter Tips To Better Engage With Followers

Is Your Nonprofit Failing At Social Media?

So you have a Twitter and Facebook account. Great! But what exactly are you doing with it?

Turns out, many nonprofits are not effectively using these tools to gain and connect with supporters, a new study by reveals.

"In the rush to 'go social,' many nonprofits are failing to think through their strategy," the authors note in "Tweeting For A Better World."

Users aren't going to Twitter and Facebook to hear press-release speak. They want genuine, community-minded engagement that inspires conversation and a reason to get involved in a cause.

Sound daunting? It doesn’t have to be.

Read through our slideshow below of Bridgespan's top 5 social-media tips that will help you recruit new fans, spread your message and better engage with your current supporters.


Create A Community

Social Media Tips For Nonprofits

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