Twitter Jibes Mock Trump's Claim Of 'Tremendous Crowds Of Well-Wishers'

He hasn't seen any protesters.

President Donald Trump is taking his unique view of reality to the world stage with pomp and ceremony, so Twitter critics are upping their game as well.

Following his surprising comment to the Sun last week that he is “really loved in the UK,” he tweeted Monday that there were “tremendous crowds of well wishers” — whom no one else could see — as he arrived in London on Monday for his three-day state visit. 

He also said he hadn’t yet seen any protesters, who were spotted by others. Trump said “fake news” would be “working hard to find them.”

There were a handful of curious onlookers outside Buckingham Palace — “tens of people,” noted a Twitter comment — and a crowd of protesters.

The president was isolated from any people on the street and was surrounded instead by members of the royal family, officials, aides and palace guards.

The last time Trump visited Britain, he mostly avoided London — protest ground zero. This time he’ll be spending more time there. The big protest day, featuring the 20-foot-tall Trump baby blimp, is on the docket for Tuesday. Police are expecting tens of thousands of protesters to take to the streets in the planned “Carnival of Resistance.” It’s likely to be one of the largest London protests ever against a foreign leader, Reuters noted.

The Trump baby blimp will fly above Parliament Square for two hours Tuesday while Trump is scheduled to hold talks with outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May nearby on?????¿¿¿¿ Downing Street.