Trump Jokes Flood Twitter After FEMA’s First Presidential Alert System Test

Although the alert wasn’t actually sent by Trump, people had a lot of fun pretending that it was.

Who dis?

On Wednesday at 2:18 p.m. Eastern time, cellphones across the nation collectively shrieked as the Federal Emergency Management Agency conducted a test of a new feature of its wireless emergency alert system.

The new presidential alerts will allow President Donald Trump to send messages about national emergencies directly to most Americans’ phones. The system also sends out AMBER alerts and warnings about extreme weather or other local emergencies.

Users can opt out of all the wireless emergency alerts except for the presidential ones, which are legally not allowed to be political in any way.

So, on Wednesday, the majority of people in the United States received a “presidential alert” that looked a little like this:


And although it wasn’t Trump himself sending this alert from his mobile device (alerts will be sent from a FEMA official), a lot of Americans on Twitter treated the pilgrim message as if it were straight from the president.

In the great tradition of Twitter, jokes surged on the social media platform.

Here are some of the best of the bunch:

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