Twitter Claps Back At Trump 'Withdrawing' Steph Curry's White House Invite

"You can't be uninvited to something you weren't going to anyway."

Twitter had no patience for President Donald Trump’s tweets this weekend.

Trump decided to “withdraw” Steph Curry’s invite to the White House to celebrate the NBA championship win of his team, the Golden State Warriors.

Curry said earlier he had no interest in visiting the White House with Trump as president. Curry’s teammate, Kevin Durant, also said he would not be visiting the White House.

Earlier this year, the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots also were invited to the White House. Several players declined the invite for political reasons.

Trump’s Saturday tweet brought a slew savage responses from NBA athletes and celebrities, including Kobe Bryant, Ava DuVernay and Jemele Hill, who was attacked by Trump last week.

LeBron James’ response was particularly fire, gathering more than 300,000 retweets and 500,000 likes on Twitter.

Curry’s wife, Ayesha Curry, decided to roll her eyes at the president and draw people’s attention to something else — a donation page for Mexico City earthquake relief.

Here are some of the highlights: