Twitter 'Unfollow' Bug Acknowledged

Twitter Admits To 'Unfollow' Bug

Have you ever tried to follow someone on Twitter and, moments later, realized that Twitter has rudely unfollowed them for you?

If this "Unfollow" button bug has been plaguing you for far too long, fear not: Twitter has finally directly acknowledged the issue and, in short, said it's working on it.

Jeremiah Owyang, an industry analyst writing for TechCrunch, raised his unfollow woes with a Twitter rep, who responded, "This is a bug, and our team is working to fix it."

In addition, Owyang's contact directed him to the Twitter Help Center, which already has a "Bug Alert" note featured on the page of one of its "Top Issues" topics, "I'm Having Trouble with Following."

Bug alert: A person you've recently followed shows in your following tab, but appears with a follow icon so it looks like you're not following them [...] Visit their profile if you'd like to confirm you're following them. Engineers are working to resolve the issues listed above. Thanks for your patience!

The Telegraph pointed out that some Twitter users have taken to tweeting about the issue, including Labour MP Tom Watson, who tweeted:

Adam Rifkin, co-founder of discussion site PandaWhale, asked his followers:

While this latest Twitter glitch can be a bit annoying, compared to the "mouseover bug" back in 2010, which launched pop-ups and automatically redirected users who merely moused over links to third-party sites, this seems to be a minor inconvenience.

Read the rest of Owyang's post on TechCrunch to get some tips on how to deal with the awkward aftermath left by Twitter's "Unfollow" bug, and then let us know: Have you ever been affected by the bug?

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