Twitter Users Mock Dr. Oz's Decision To Run For Senate

"The Republican Party is the party of washed up celebrities running for office they have zero qualifications to hold," one person noted.

Dr. Mehmet Oz announced Tuesday that he’s running for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, and the news is attracting a lot of Twitter mockery.

Oz is entering the key midterm race as a Republican, and many Twitter users expressed skepticism that he was the right person for the job. Some pointed out the many times he has promoted medical misinformation and shilled for weight loss scams.

Others thought Oz running for office was on-brand for the current Republican Party.

But one person made the case that it might be better for the country if Oz served in the Senate rather than starred on TV.

A CNN journalist made a prediction for how Oz’s opponents might counteract his candidacy.

Others suggested that Oz needed to focus on issues relevant to Pennsylvanians, a state where he doesn’t appear to have lived since attending the University of Pennsylvania.

Regardless of what political polls might say, one MSNBC contributor made it clear that Oz can be beat ― on “Jeopardy!,” anyway.

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