Twitter's 'Who To Follow' Feature TURNED OFF Temporarily

Twitter has temporarily disabled its "Who to Follow" feature, launched in late July, according to the microblogging site's official status blog.

Twitter wrote,

We've temporarily turned off the "Who To Follow" feature and will be restoring it as soon as possible. We were including people you already follow - we are investigating this issue.

Users have been complaining in tweets that the feature was suggesting they follow accounts they were already following. For example, @Joshcomers wrote, "Twitter is suggesting I follow people I already follow. I guess I need to follow them harder." Another, @EllieeDavenport, tweeted, " why is twitter telling me to follow people i'm already following? :/" and @Txtodd70 commented, "Twitter, when you suggest I follow someone I'm already following, I worry about you."

Did you notice the glitch? What do you think of the new feature? Tell us in the comments below.