"Twitter Wit": HarperCollins' It Books Imprint To Publish Book Of Funny Tweets

The New York Times' Motoko Rich writes Thursday about a new imprint from HarperCollins called "It Books," to focus on pop culture, sports, style, and internet content:

Just a month after announcing a restructuring that led to layoffs and the shuttering of an entire division, HarperCollins Publishers hopes to jazz up its book lists by opening a new imprint.

This fall the company will publish 21 new hardcover and paperback original titles under the It Books imprint, focusing on pop culture, sports, style and content derived from the Internet, like a planned collection of Twitter posts called "Twitter Wit."

The imprint will be led by Carrie Kania, who is currently publisher of HarperCollins's paperback unit, Harper Perennial.

That book, "Twitter Wit," will be written by prolific blogger Nick Douglas, who told the Chicago Tribune that he received a five-figure contract for the book. Douglas also told the Trib that he is aiming to include 1,000 of the wittiest Tweets in his book. Three of his favorites below:

"Why should I be the one to take the kids to see their psychologist? I don't even love them!" - Fireland (Joshua Green Allen)

"Way to go, hiccups. Thanks for ruining my street cred."--sween (Jason Sweeney)

"I'm sure the gin we drank last night was off. Feeling a bit ill this morning. The tequila might have been off too. And the cocktails."--kerry_anne (Kerry-Anne Gilowey)