Here Is A Genius Way To Piss Off Men When They Hit On You

"Because for some reason women are required to be beautiful, but also oblivious to it."

Feminista Jones, an author, activist, and social worker based in Philadelphia, decided to jokingly post a “challenge” to women on Friday to Twitter.

“Piss a man off today: Tell him you agree with his compliment of you,” she said in the tweet.

Jones told Buzzfeed that her approach was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek but the idea stemmed from personal experiences she’s had and various articles she’s read about the subject.

“It’s not a new idea, but in my own experience when [a man] complimented me and I say, ‘I agree,’ they get upset,” Jones told the site. “It’s the idea that they bestow the compliment on you, and you’re not supposed to be aware of it.”

Jones went on to elaborate a little more in the thread of her original tweet.

Jones’ posts struck a chord, because many women began to chime in with their own opinions and experiences.

And some men had their opinions as well …

But it’s not like society doesn’t perpetuate this social expectation …

… We have no idea what she’s talking about.