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The Funniest Tweets From People In The Fashion World This Week

Now that fashion month is officially over and our feeds are no longer inundated with runway photos and videos, we can all take a step back to enjoy some comedic relief on Twitter.

We've told you before that people in the fashion industry are quite snarky, and we caught a few awesome tweets this week. Eva Chen made us LOL when she said "Jenna Lyons just revealed that as a teen she had conical teeth and bald spots on the back of her head. **There is hope for us all, guys**" -- we can always count on you, Eva.
For more great tweets from our favorite people on Twitter, scroll through the list below.

If I'm having avocado toast (yum) at a NYC cafe, does officially make me a blogger?

— Gracey (@stripes_peonies) October 4, 2014

"You need to get your shit together and act like an adult. Go buy some fresh flowers"--my actual inner monologue

— Margaret Boykin (@margaretboykin) January 26, 2014