Twitter's "Local Trends" Feature Snubs Denver

Last week, Twitter launched a feature called Local Trends to 1% of users. The new feature lets users select a location in order to see which topics are most popular among the people in that area. So if you live in Dallas and want to know what your fellow Texans are buzzing about in terms of keywords, Local Trends makes that possible. 
I was included among the 1% of folks to get the feature, and I was overjoyed. However, that joy turned to molten rage when I discovered that Denver was not included among the available cities. The image below displays the location options:
There are 15 cities available for users to select: Atlanta, DFW, NYC, Seattle, Baltimore, Houston, Philadelphia, Sao Paulo, Boston, London, San Antonio (?!), DC, Chicago, LA and San Francisco.
Much love and respect to San Antonio, but why does Texas get three cities and Colorado gets rudely snubbed?! We are way cooler than San Antonio!
As implied in the image above, more cities are on the way. And I'm positive that other regionally proud nerds across the U.S. are just as annoyed as I am about being forgotten. But Denver/Boulder has had its feelings hurt. We deserve to be among the launch cities! We desperately crave attention in the most infantile and petty ways possible.
Will Denver boycott Twitter? Of course not - there are far more worthy things to complain about. But will we eye Twitter with cool resent for the rest of 2010? Yes. A thousand times, yes.