'Two And A Half Men': Ashton Kutcher, Jon Cryer Offered Deals For Possible Season 10, Season 11 (REPORT)

The fate of "Two and a Half Men" could soon be decided. The show was left of off CBS's early renewal list, seemingly for one reason: Ashton Kutcher isn't signed for a Season 10.

Kutcher replaced Charlie Sheen during Season 9 of "Two and a Half Men" with just a one-year deal. Now, according to TV Guide, Kutcher has been in talks with CBS about sticking around for Season 10.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kutcher and co-star Jon Cryer have been made offers for two more years, but those deals come without a pay increase. But The Wall Street Journal reports that Kutcher is close to signing a deal for about $1 million an episode and, according to TV Guide,Kutcher has been making around $700,000 an episode. By comparison, his predecessor Sheen made $1.25 million an episode. If "Two and a Half Men's" tenth season includes its normal 22 episodes, that's a $22 million payday for Kutcher.

"Two and a Half Men" is still a strong player for CBS, especially with the recent casting changes. THR reports the cast and series co-creator Chuck Lorre seem inclined to end the show after Season 10, so it may prove difficult to get the cast signed for a two-year deal.

During a PaleyFest panel honoring the series in early March 2012, Kutcher said he was unsure of his future with the show. “I haven't heard from the powers that be yet,” he explained. “Right now, I want to work with these guys."

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