'Two And A Half Men' Bomb Threat: Bronx Man Freddy Caldwell Threatens WPIX-11 Over Reruns

'Two And A Half Men' Leads To Bomb Threat

Freddy Caldwell, it seems, is taking Charlie Sheen's "Two and a Half Men" exit harder than others. That, or he really wants some new summer programming.

Caldwell, a Bronx, New York City resident, was arrested on Friday for calling in a bomb threat to local TV station WPIX-11, threatening to detonate the place if they didn't stop showing re-runs of the number one rated comedy, according to the New York Post.

Perhaps he couldn't handle the fact that the most recent season was cancelled early, due to Sheen's antics, and he couldn't live without the resolution. Or he couldn't handle the spectre of the show without the fired Sheen.

Of course, maybe he was disgusted by Sheen's insane ranting against the show's creator, among other people. Or, his coterie of live-in "Goddesses" and porn stars (though he's only down to a single, solitary Goddess, to be fair).

Then again, maybe he's just not ready for the Ashton Kutcher era.

Whatever the motivation, Caldwell let it cloud his technological judgment: police were able to easily trace the call back to his house, leading to his arrest for falsely reporting an incident and aggravated harassment.


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