'Two And A Half Men' Nods At Angus T. Jones' Rant (VIDEO)

Jake dropped by for a visit on "Two and a Half Men" and he brought along his new girlfriend Tammy, played by Jaime Pressly. Sure, Tammy was twice his age, already had three kids and was covered with tattoos, but she was also a business owner -- a tattoo shop, naturally -- and seemed pretty smart, to boot. So why was she with Jake?

The two were clearly on very different pages, though. While Tammy managed to convince Alan that she was only looking for something light and fun for now, Jake told Walden that he was going to propose to Tammy in hopes they could run off and elope.

The whole thing was super-stressful for Alan, but it did allow Berta to make a joke that referenced Angus T. Jones' religious, anti-"Two And A Half Men" YouTube rant. "Could be worse. He could be one of those showbiz kids that goes off the rails," she quipped.

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