Two Black Bears Fight In Tammy Snell's Florida Neighborhood (VIDEO)

A honey of a battle took place between two bears in the middle of a neighborhood in Seminole County, Florida.

The bear brouhaha took place in Tammy Snell's front yard. While the creatures are common to the area, the fighting wasn't.

"[My son] says, 'Mom, you're not going to believe it. There are two big bears out there fighting.' So, of course, we get up and run out," Snell told reporters.

By the time she got outside, the bear fight was waning, but a neighbor managed to capture the battle on film.

"They have been up on their hind legs, going after one another. There was blood. I mean, they were mean to one another," Snell said. "They were fighting and pawing, and all I saw was black fur."

The ruckus left huge paw prints in a flower bed and a torn-up bush, but Snell said that's a small price to pay for living near nature.

"We love to see them. I mean, we're going to keep our pace from them. I mean, we're not going to go up to them and say, 'Here, bear, have a cookie,' but we love to see them," Snell said.

Florida wildlife officials told WESH-TV that a bear fight is something rarely seen. They believe a couple of younger males may have been working to establish territory.

Meanwhile, the bear fight is just one of a few instances where bears have encroached into human territory.

Earlier this month, a black bear attacked a man who was soaking in his hot tub and, as a result, was shot and killed by police in Whistler, B.C.

In addition, a young black bear threw a graduation ceremony at a middle school in Bakersfield, Calif., into temporary chaos in early June when it wandered onto school property.

Although authorities recommend never approaching a bear and backing away slowly if you run into one by accident, not every animal species gets that memo.