Two Canadian Start Ups Crushing It On Kickstarter

Two hot Canadian start-up companies have made a splash on the crowdfunding website KickStarter over the past month. One company will keep you warm and stylish next winter while the other will allow you to sift through your cat's litter box without the ensuing mass and hassle that comes with it.

Both the Smart Parka and the Luuup Litter Box have blown away their funding goals in preparation for the launch of their products. Both companies are set to eclipse the seven-figure mark in fundraising despite the fact their original targets called for a modest $50,000 and $30,000 worth of support respectively. It's obvious when looking at both campaigns that the keys to success revolve around offering a competitive price, making life easier, and keeping things stylish.

The Smart Parka

The Smart Parka has received support from nearly 4,800 backers with almost two full weeks to go before the crowdfunding campaign comes to an end. To this point, the jacket's owners, North Aware, have seen the product launch raise an astounding $1.7 million and counting. There are so many reasons why backers love this jacket, not the least of which is the fact that the coat's compartments can hide so many useful things while keeping the user warm. The Smart Parka comes with leather gloves hidden in both sleeves and attached directly to the coat. It also features a built-in scarf, linked extensions, a hat pouch, and extra pockets for smart phones and tablets. An inner lining inside the jacket can be removed so that the Smart Parka can still be worn even if it's not freezing cold outside.

The Luuup Litterbox

Luuup's crowdfunding campaign is just about to come to a close and incredibly has been backed by nearly 12,000 people to this point. The overwhelming amount of support has netted the company $968,000 and counting. The idea itself is actually really simple. Cat lovers can use three interconnected trays with strategically placed holes in them to sift through their cat's litter box without ever having to touch waste. Shifting from the top tray right on down to the third one allows for easy disposal of the litter, while the clean litter falls down to the bottom and can still be used.
There is no mess and the three trays stack together neatly thanks to a sleek design which means cat owners can take care of their furry friend without having to worry about stashing an ugly looking litter box in a dark corner somewhere.

The craziest thing about the fact the Luuup Litter Box is three simple plastic trays that are interconnected is that this thing actually has a solid sales track record. In the 1990s, former Canadian television personality Dini Petty partnered up with the original inventor of the Luuup Litter Box and helped sell over 2 million units of the invention. Now some 20 years later, Petty and her son Nick are re-introducing it, and it's obvious that the re-launch is succeeding in a big way.

Both the Smart Parka and Luuup Litter Box are fantastic crowdfunding success stories setting the start-up world on fire right now. The companies are two great examples of what's possible for businesses who keep the challenges, convenience and style needs of their end consumers in mind.