Two Different Suggestions for Getting Illinois' Economy Back on Track

As Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner gets ready to outline his plans for the state in more detail during his State of the State address Feb. 3, the Illinois Chamber of Commerce says it wants to see the new governor use his influence to back pro-business reforms that will get the state's economy on an upward trend.

Todd Maisch, president and CEO of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, writes:

The Illinois Chamber stands ready to help shape public policy so that it encourages businesses to thrive and grow. For example, Illinois doesn't particularly need right-to-work laws to be competitive with our neighboring states. What Illinois really needs is meaningful worker's compensation reform, meaningful civil justice reform, and a pro-business tax code that spurs investment.

Unlike our neighboring states, Illinois has so many unique benefits that they will help our state's economy grow if we capitalize on them with appropriate public policy. Our location allows multiple modes of transportation and distribution with rail, air, pipeline, and roads. Few states have the geography to support each of those modes of transportation. And few states have the diverse economy that Illinois has.

Read the rest at Reboot Illinois to find out what Maisch considers a "must-do" for the Rauner administration as it looks to jump-start Illinois' economy.

And after reading Maisch's earnest and honest suggestions, experience a change of pace and check out the Swiftian suggestion of Peter Creticos, president of the Institute for Work and Economy and what he modestly proposes can be done to put Illinois' economy on track: Establish the "salamander" as a form of currency for the state and disentangle itself from the rest of the United States economically. Read about Creticos' satirical plan at Reboot Illinois.