Poonam Kanwar And Reshmi Devi Fight For Custody Of Baby Boy, Leave Baby Girl Abandoned

After a devastating mix up at Jodhpur's Umaid Hospital in India, a baby girl remains abandoned while two families fight over a boy.

Two women, Reshmi Devi and Poonam Kanwar gave birth on March 25. The Times Of India reports that Kanwar gave birth to a girl, but was handed a baby boy (Devi's son) by mistake. Though a blood test shows that the girl belongs to Kanwar and her husband, they are insisting on a DNA test for proof. They could be waiting at least 40 days for the results, The Deccan Herald reports.

According to CNN IBN, this custody battle is a reflection of Indian culture -- fewer parents want female children. But Chain Singh, Kanwar's husband, says that's not the case. "It is not a matter of her being a girl. I just want to confirm that she is my daughter," he told The Times of India.

Sagar Ram, husband of Reshmi Devi said that they, too, would accept the baby girl if a DNA test proved she was theirs. In the meantime, they've taken the baby boy home.

Since neither couple accepted the baby girl, she wasn't breastfed by anyone for her first eight days of life. However, last night, the hospital gave Kanwar permission to nurse her, CNN IBN confirmed. And despite reports that her gesture indicated she was ready to take the baby girl home, Singh told PTI that his wife acted "on humanitarian ground"; they are still waiting for a DNA test. "My wife offered breastfeeding in view of the baby's health. It is not true that I [told] the hospital administration that I am ready to take the baby home. Before the DNA test report, we can not take a decision," he said.