New York

Two Men Jump Across New York City Subway Tracks (VIDEO)

We've talked about this before, New York. No tomfoolery when it comes to the subway, ok? It's too dangerous and you'll probably get hurt and worse, mess up our commute. Don't play chicken with oncoming trains, no subway surfing, ride inside the train, and no riding in between subway cars. A lot of people get hurt on the subway and we're tired of it.

Which brings us to these two geniuses, who had a buddy film them jumping from one side of the platform to the other at the D stop at Ninth Avenue and 39th Street in Brooklyn. The video is called "Two Wild & Crazy Guys Jump Across NYC Train Platform," but this is not your parents' "two wild and crazy guys." No, just two amateur traceurs who should hang out with Jose The Amazing in the Bronx, instead of messing with the MTA.