Two of the 47 Most Expensive Private Colleges in the Country Are in Illinois

The U.S. Department of Education recently published a list of the most expensive private colleges, and two Illinois schools made the list. The University of Chicago and Northwestern University rank among the 47 most expensive private colleges in the country. The list, however, is solely dependent on tuition and fees; it does not take scholarships into account. When scholarships are factored in, the two schools named above drop from the list, and two other Illinois schools rise to the top.

Take a look at the most expensive private Illinois colleges in the country, based on tuition and fees, and see where the Illinois institutions land. Then, keep scrolling down for a link to the most expensive colleges after scholarships are factored into the mix.


To see which two Illinois schools make the list of most expensive colleges after scholarships are taken into account, check out Reboot Illinois.

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