Two-Snouted Cyclops Pig Born In China (PHOTO)

Although he may not look like it, the animal pictured below is actually a pig.

The animal, which was born at a farm owned by Xiao Jintu in China's Fujian Province, has two snouts and a cyclops eye in the middle of its head, according to Metro.

HuffPost UK reports that the strange piglet was the fifth of his litter, and has not yet been named.

This little guy isn't the first two-snouted pig born in China, reports Metro. Bai Xuejin, who raised a two-snouted pig in Jilin province said, "We knew something was different because her head was so large we had to help when her mother gave birth."

Deformed pigs aren't the only weird animals making the news recently. In July, a fisherman in Mexico caught a pregnant shark with a cyclops fetus inside it that "looks more like a happy cartoon character than a real shark."

In September, a two-headed cat from Massachusetts named "Frankenlouie" celebrated its twelfth birthday. He holds a Guinness World Record for being the longest-lived Janus cat (a name derived from the two-faced Roman god).

Some weird animals come in smaller, and cuter, packages. "Teeny" and "Tiny" are the names of a two-headed razorback musk turtle from California that's about the size of a nickel.

Some contend that putting unusual-looking animals on display is cruel. Heidi, a cross-eyed opossum from Germany which died in September, suffered from esotropia due to malnutrition earlier in life.

Regarding Heidi and other unusual animals, Edmund Haferbeck, an animal expert with Germany's branch of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, told the Associated Press, "These animals are put on show for millions of people, but afterward they remain incurably crippled."

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