Two Videos to Help You Navigate Illinois' Election Day

The Illinois gubernatorial candidates are making their final cases to voters before Tuesday's election with social media, speeches and television ads. But how much can voters trust these ads? Are the candidates trying to manipulate us with their messages?

From Reboot Illinois' Madeleine Doubek:

Who's winning the game to spin you through both paid media and by spinning debate panelists and media?

What can you do as a voter to be more aware and combat this? Where do you go to find facts?

These were among the many topics I had the pleasure of tackling along with several other esteemed panelists at a recent event at the Chicago Theological Seminary...

That mix of perspectives plus a perfect selection of key clips and messages from the governor's race made for what I found to be a fascinating discussion. I hope you agree. Check out the video below. If nothing else, perhaps you'll enjoy hearing us and audience members vent about all the money and effort spent on all the nasty ads this season. It's cathartic!

Check out the video at Reboot Illinois:


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