Two Ways to Use Your Emotions to Transform Your Life

Two Ways to Use Your Emotions to Transform Your Life
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They can rule our lives -- unless we learn how to harness them for our highest good.

Here are two ways you can become a better master -- and student -- of your emotions.

1. You can learn from them.

We can learn from our emotional states -- particularly negative ones.

Next time you're feeling anger, pain, jealousy or irritability, ask yourself: What is the lesson here? Why is this happening?

Usually one of two answers will arise:

(a) You need to change something in your environment or life

Negative emotions are often a sign that you're lacking something you desire. Your soul has given birth to a new dream, goal or wish, but you are consciously or unconsciously not acting on it.

Instead of continuing to focus on what you don't have -- which is making you feel bad -- ask yourself, what is it that I DO want? What is missing in my life that will make me feel really good?

Humans are ever-expanding creatures and we are destined to have individual preferences, dreams and yearnings. It's time to start paying attention to your emotions and see what they are trying to guide you towards.

(b) You need to change your perspective.

Negative emotions can be a sign that you need to work on your internal world and learn to be more accepting, forgiving, loving or calm.

Instead of blaming other people and external events for how you feel, start to look within -- what shifts need to occur in your beliefs and perceptions to stop these negative emotional states from arising?

2. You can channel them to attract your desires.

We live in a world of energy -- everything is made up of energy, from your body, to your chair, to the trees, the ocean and the stars.

The vibration we emit with our thoughts and feelings influences what surrounds us. Like attracts like.

So instead of letting your emotions run wild and continually being a victim of what they cause in your life, start channeling your emotions to create the life you want.

You can do this in two ways:

(a) Embody the emotional state of having your specific desire.

Think of a specific goal that you're trying to reach (like acquiring wealth, starting a successful business, traveling more, becoming healthier or finding your soul mate).

Imagine what it would feel like to have your desire in your life today. Be really specific. Would you feel free? Empowered? Creative? Proud? Loved? Beautiful? Energetic?

Now, try and embody that emotional state right now.

You may need to close your eyes and do some creative visualizing.

Or if you're more of an aural person, start to say things like: I feel so happy and grateful to be surrounded by so much abundance, I love knowing I am taken care of and have money for great fresh food, a beautiful home, amazing adventures, luxurious massages and treating my loved ones. The more I receive, the more free I am to serve the world and go after my passions. I am the luckiest.

(b) Make it your number one priority to feel good.

Because like energy attracts like energy, if you simply focus on trying to feel good more often than you feel bad, you will automatically create a better life for yourself.

Start paying more attention to your emotional state -- and proactively shift it whenever you're feeling negative, fearful or doubtful.

You could physically move your body through yoga or dancing, cleanse your mind with meditation, chat to one of your more uplifting friends, cook your favorite meal, get outside in nature, read a book or focus on the blessings in your life.

Note: If you continually notice the same specific negative emotions arising -- like unworthiness or jealousy -- it may be a sign that you have some deep-rooted limiting or unhelpful beliefs. You will need to dig these up and release them or they will keep reoccurring in your life.

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