Two Women Tried The 'Weed Tampon' So You Don't Have To

"We're gonna put marijuana inside our lady parts."

There’s a new cure for those pesky, miserable period cramps ― the Foria Relief cannabis-based vaginal suppository. 

In 2016, Foria, a company that specializes in cannabis-based “’therapeutic aphrodisiacs’ and healing products,” released Foria Relief in California, and it’s been nicknamed the “weed tampon.” In a new BuzzFeed video, two women tried it out to see they if it meets the hype. 

Both of the women feared that the suppository would give them the same affects as ingesting THC by smoking or eating it, but it didn’t. “I had no issues. I was clearheaded,” one woman said about her experience. It is supposed to serve as a muscle relaxant and pain reliever, offering an alternative to painkilling meds. 

“That’s what’s so cool about the Foria... you do not get ‘high,’” Dr. Jennifer Berman said in the video. 

“I’m just feeling relaxed, and tired, but not high,” one woman said, five hours after inserting the suppository, which dissolves inside of you, rather than having to be removed like a tampon. 

Both of the women had positive experiences and would recommend it.

But what they wouldn’t recommend is eating it... 



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