Try Not To Giggle Watching This 2-Year-Old Sing Dolly Parton's 'Jolene'

And Dolly herself responded!

UPDATE: Dolly herself has responded! On Tuesday, the country superstar wrote on her Facebook page, “It warms my heart to see how music reaches even the littlest country music fans! Maybe we’ll see this little one on the Grand Ole Opry stage some day!”

Just last week, we celebrated the 71st birthday of the legendary country musician (and child literacy advocate!) Dolly Parton. At least one 2-year-old appears to still be in the spirit of celebration.

Wednesday morning, Hoda and Kathy Lee shared a YouTube video of a toddler singing Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” on the “Today Show,” and her interpretation is spreading giggles to a viral audience.

The song, which features a woman singing to a rival for her significant other’s affections, is hilariously inappropriate in the voice of a child, especially when she warbles, “Please don’t take my maaaan.”

The 2-year-old appears to be unaware that she is being filmed, leading to a real purity in the emotional performance. We’re begging of you, internet, please give us more videos like this.