Ex-Trump Attorney Makes Bold Prediction On Colorado Case. Trump Critics Won’t Like It.

Ty Cobb also explained why Donald Trump will “totally” see the Colorado Supreme Court’s bombshell decision to boot him from the ballot as a win.

Former Trump White House attorney Ty Cobb on Tuesday envisioned Donald Trump winning in a landslide his appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court against being booted from the presidential primary ballot in Colorado.

Earlier in the day, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled Trump ineligible to appear on the state’s 2024 ballot — under the 14th Amendment of the Constitution — because of his role in the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Trump’s campaign said it will appeal the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“The real key issue in this case is, is Trump an officer of the United States in the context in which that term is used in Article Three of the 14th Amendment,” Cobb explained. “And in 2010, Chief Justice Roberts explained in free enterprise that people don’t vote for officers of the United States.”

Cobb envisioned the Supreme Court taking the case and handling it “quickly.”

And he predicted a 9-0 ruling in Trump’s favor.

That would “sure be a statement,” commented Burnett.

Burnett later asked Cobb if Trump would see the latest Colorado ruling as some kind of victory.

“Oh, totally,” he replied. “This vindicates his insistence that this is a political conspiracy to interfere with the election and that he’s the target and people shouldn’t tolerate that in America.”

He added, “It’s doodah. But that’s the way he tries to sell this.”

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