Ty Lawson: Kim Kardashian Sex Would Help Me Win

When the Los Angeles Lakers won an NBA championship last week, it was not just a victory for the players on the court. Another winner was Khloe Kardashian, who may or may not have married Lakers forward Lamar Odom last year. The reality TV personality may have another White House visit in store for her soon.

Earlier in the year, Kim Kardashian, who had a long romantic entanglement with Reggie Bush, also enjoyed a pro sports championship when the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl.

At least one NBA player thinks the famous family may be part of the Lakers' and Saints' success. Ty Lawson, the standout rookie for the Denver Nuggets, tweeted today: "I heard if u hit a kardashian u win a championship.. Kim k holla me!!! I need ya for 17 min." Afterwards he added that he is willing to "take one for the team."

Lawson even referenced the recent rumor that Kim Kardashian is dating Dallas Cowboy Miles Austin, writing that if the receiver wins a championship next year, the "thing is amazing." Scroll down to see the tweets.