Ty-Lor Boring Nude: 'Top Chef' Contestant Bared All For 'Headmaster' Magazine

'Top Chef' Contestant Posed Nude

New York chef Ty-Lor Boring is quickly shaping up to be the raciest contestant in the history of Top Chef. He revealed his proclivity for risque photos as early as his application video, in which he also mentions that he's openly gay. So blogs have been tracking NSFW Ty-Lor Boring photos since Top Chef season 9 began.

Most of the photos that were uncovered first were relatively tame. No longer: skin blog Fleshbot uncovered a full-frontal Ty-Lor Boring nude photo originally published in Headmaster magazine, a "biannual art magazine for man-lovers."

The photo was published before Boring appeared on Top Chef. Contestants with nude-photo backgrounds have been kicked off of reality shows for their modeling careers in the past -- but it's worth noting that Bravo, which broadcasts Top Chef, is a very different animal from Fox.

A cropped version of the photo is above; click here to see the full frontal, NSFW version at Fleshbot. For once, you don't have to trust Tom Colicchio and Gail Simmons to decide whether Boring's meat is dull or exciting.

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