'Hollywood Medium' Tyler Henry Brings Nico Tortorella To Tears

The clairvoyant appeared to connect Tortorella with his grandfather.

“Younger” fans will get a look at a different side of Nico Tortorella on Wednesday’s episode of “Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry.” 

In the video above, Tortorella, 28, tears up when Henry, who is billed as a “clairvoyant medium,” appears to connect him with his grandfather, Lou. It’s an understandably emotional moment for the actor. 

“I was only two years old when he passed, so I didn’t know him on a personal level,” Tortorella says in the clip. “He’s always been such a staple of the family story, so his love and his legacy lives on.” 

Henry, who is gay, spoke at length about his abilities in a 2015 interview with Out magazine. “Primarily I’m a clairvoyant so I receive information visually, but I also pick up on physical sensations,” he said. “Those images are primarily mental so I see them in my mind’s eye. They’ll just be quick little flashes of an image, symbol, face or person, but I do find that there are occasions where I will physically and visually see somebody.”

Previous guests on “Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry” have included Boy George and Margaret Cho

Don’t miss Tortorella’s full appearance on “Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry” Wednesday on E! 

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