Tyler Hoechlin's On-Set Superman Moment Will Give You All The Feels

The actor plays the iconic superhero on CW's "Supergirl."

Tyler Hoechlin is the latest actor to take on the role of Clark Kent Superman, and he got to experience firsthand what it was like to be a hero on the set of “Supergirl.” 

Hoechlin will appear in the first few episodes of the once-CBS, now-CW series, starring Melissa Benoist as Kara Danvers, aka Supergirl. The 29-year-old actor was, of course, nervous to slip into Superman’s suit, but after a run-in with some kids on the set in Vancouver, he let go of all his fears. 

“We were shooting one day, out in a public location, and I had the suit on, and one of our PAs went over and got these four little kids who were kind of waiting and watching,” Hoechlin told The Huffington Post during a Build Series interview on Friday, saying there were two boys and two girls around the age of 7 or 8. “I’m talking to them and had this weird realization that, to them, right now, I’m Superman. They don’t know my name, they don’t know who I am, they don’t care ... which is great, because, for a minute, I got to be this symbol to these little kids. And not only was it great to make their day and make them smile and stuff, but it was also, selfishly, informative for the character that that’s who this guy is. He’s this guy that kids are supposed to look at and be like, ‘Oh, my God, I can do anything, I can be anything. Good can triumph over evil.’”

“So, it was kind of a cool moment,” he added, “and kind of what it’s meant for me to do it.”

The former “Teen Wolf” star is thrilled to be a part of the “Supergirl” family and had a great time playing the iconic hero we all know and love. 

“It’s a weird surreal feeling,” he said. “You’re wearing a suit all of a sudden that you’ve seen you’re entire life ... You feel like you’re wearing the nicest Halloween costume you’ve ever had!”

Catch Tyler Hoechlin as Superman when Season 2 of “Supergirl” premieres on The CW Monday at 8 p.m. ET. And watch his full interview with Build below: 



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