Tyler Perry Recalls President Obama's Unforgettable Words During Motorcade Ride (VIDEO)

As a Hollywood mogul, Tyler Perry has been around his fair share of powerful people. But even celebrities experience surreal moments that leave them in awe. For Perry, there were two distinct moments in his life that made him realize the magnitude of his success. One, which he reveals in the video, involved Oprah and Tina Turner. The other involved President Barack Obama.

In this clip from Tyler's interview on "Oprah's Next Chapter," he recounts the private conversation he had with President Obama inside the president's motorcade. President Obama had just visited Tyler Perry Studios before attending a fundraising event Tyler was hosting, and the President invited Tyler to ride to the event with him in the motorcade.

"I get in the car with [the president] and he's talking to me in the motorcade. There is not a soul on the freeway... And he's talking, [but] all I'm hearing is... Charlie Brown time in my ear," Tyler recalls, mimicking the "Peanuts" teacher whose words were always too muffled to understand.

Recognizing how monumental the moment was, Tyler wanted to make sure he fully experienced it. "I finally stop and I say, 'Listen. I know this is your everyday. But this moment, for me, I've got to just take it in. I've got to really just breathe,'" he says he told the president.

That's when the two had a conversation that Tyler will never forget. "I said, 'What a great country that something like this could happen, that you could become president,'" Tyler remembers telling Obama. "And he said, 'What a great country that you could become Tyler Perry.'"

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