Bella Thorne Has Nothing But Love For Her Ex Tyler Posey

Unfortunately, his fans are having none of it.

Bella Thorne is rising above the post-breakup drama with her ex Tyler Posey.

The 19-year-old actress wrote a heartwarming tweet about her former flame Monday, calling Posey “an angel.” 

The supportive tweet comes shortly after alleged nude photos of Posey leaked online. Fans quickly turned to Twitter to voice their support for Posey while condemning the invasion of privacy.

Posey and Thorne dated for several months in 2016. Rumors that Thorne was cheating on the “Teen Wolf” actor circulated late last year after photos of her cozying up to singer Charlie Puth surfaced. Thorne maintained that she did not cheat on Posey, but said she received death threats online all the same. 

Unfortunately, Posey’s fans were still not ready to make nice with Thorne. 

Despite the backlash toward Thorne, it’s always a nice surprise to see exes treating each other with kindness and respect. Cheers to Bella for moving on with maturity. 

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