'Teen Wolf' Heartthrob Tyler Posey Slammed For Pretending To Come Out On Snapchat

He posted a video on Friday exclaiming "I'm gay!"

Tyler Posey just accomplished a feat previously unknown to man: out gay-baiting show “Teen Wolf.”

For years, the supernatural MTV thriller has dangled the possibility of full-fledged same-sex pairings, only to shuffle gay characters off the series and never deliver on its minor representational wins.

Given this context, a Snapchat video of Posey announcing that he was gay in front of a sign labeled Gay St. understandably caused quite a stir on social media.

“This is me. I am this and this is me. I’ve never felt more alive,” Posey says in the video, before turning the camera on himself to yell, “I’m gay!”

Except -- not really.

Posey later addressed his comments on social media in a series of tweets, explaining that by exclaiming “I’m gay” he was trying to support LGBTQ community. But the 24-year-old also made clear that he is actually heterosexual and regrets offending anybody who has struggled to come out.

Hilarious, right? Not to “Teen Wolf” fans who believed that Posey was legitimately coming out ― or to anybody with a basic sensitivity to the LGBTQ community.

Will queer folks continue to tune into “Teen Wolf” after this debacle? Only time will tell.

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