Tyler, The Creator Calls Out Manager Who Fired Him From Starbucks

One venti-sized order of payback coming right up!

Before Tyler, The Creator hit it big with Odd Future, the rapper had two other jobs, he told Jimmy Kimmel Thursday. His job at FedEx was "so depressing" and lasted less than two weeks, but he worked at Starbucks for more than two years. According to Tyler, a new manager came in, hated on him and eventually fired him. But he had a special message he wanted her to have.

"I hope she's watching because I still hate her," Tyler said.

"I hate you so much," he added.

The rapper recalled that another manager warned him 10 minutes before the firing, giving Tyler just enough time to call his mom, who wanted to sue Starbucks before she figured out they did nothing wrong. So he just accepted his fate and went on to become a mega-successful recording artist.

So, really, things probably could've been worse. At least they didn't spell his name wrong on a coffee cup or anything.

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