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These 16 Christmas Photos Are The Difference Between Caring And Not Giving A S**t

Which one are you?

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but what that means for you probably depends on your personality type.

Type A folks, who tend to be more organized and enjoy competition, and Type B people, who are more laid back and prefer supportive group environments, celebrate the holidays in pretty different ways.

With such polar opposite character traits, it's only natural that they have varying viewpoints on how to approach Christmas, from decorations to dinner. Below is a totally truthful, but not exactly scientific, breakdown between a Type A person's holiday and a Type B person's holiday:

This accurate portrayal of Christmas tree decorations.

Type A: There's likely not a single ornament out of place or an over-use of tinsel (because, yikes) on the tree. It was also probably put up the day after Thanksgiving.

Type B: Hey, the tree is festive. That's all that counts!

This specific way of organizing decorations.

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Type A: May your Christmas be merry, bright and well-labeled.

Type B: It's all going in the attic anyway. Why does it matter?

This spectacular display of lights.

Type A: If your whole house isn't brighter than the sun, you're doing it wrong.

Type B: Eh, maybe you'll try again next year.

These details in the yearly holiday cards.

Type A: This year we moved, had our baby, went to Hawaii and conquered the world.

Type B: Let's be real, you didn't send Christmas cards this year. The important people will get a phone call.

This disparity in gift wrapping.

Type A: You know how to put the "present" in "presentation."

Type B: The paper is Christmas themed, what more do you want? The gift is the most meaningful part.

This difference in wish lists.

Type A: Items include a label maker and a trip to the spa so you can finally relax.

Type B: You get the point.

This difference in table settings.

Type A: Pinterest perfect in every way. Bonus points if you crafted the centerpiece yourself.

Type B: Buffet style, family style, your style. If everyone eats, you don't see a problem.

Their general viewpoint about the holidays.

Type A: Enough said.

Type B: Santa defies personality types.

But honestly, the most important part of the holidays isn't how organized or laid back you are about them. The only thing that matters is that you enjoy the season -- no matter if you're Type A or Type B.

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