9 Images That Perfectly Sum Up What It Means To Be 'Type B'

9 Images That Perfectly Sum Up What It Means To Be 'Type B'

Some may see them as too laissez-faire or relaxed, but Type B individuals know that their laid back attitude is more of a strength than a weakness.

It's certainly a challenge trying to explain why Type B personalities behave the way that they do -- especially in a world where a ton of people seem so Type A. Enter these spot-on pictures that capture what it's like to be Type B way better than words could describe. They perfectly sum up what it means to have a laid-back personality.

type b meaning

1. This relaxing haven, which is unmade 99 percent of the time.

bed sheets

Why make your bed if you're just going to crawl right back in it?

2. These unimportant notification bubbles.

type b phone

Life's too short to sort through newsletters and flash-sale emails.

3. This on-point workspace.

The messier the desk the closer to brilliance. In fact, research suggests that an untidy workspace may lead to more creative thoughts.

4. This beautiful extension of a closet.

You never know when the occasion is going to call for a pair of heels or a jacket. But mostly, what's the point of bringing them inside? You know where they are.

5. This spot-on representation of Internet browsing.


"Oops, I forgot that window was open."

6. This all-too-real truth.

No micromanagement here. Type Bs don't get wrapped up in the details -- and that's more than OK.

7. This incredibly accurate purse organization.


It's sole purpose is to hold your stuff. Period. No bells or whistles or alphabetization required.

8. This perfectly normal mail system.

stack of bills

This is also known as "organized chaos." To some it may look like a pile of junk mail, but you know exactly what's in the pile -- and you have no interest in spending time sorting it if it isn't 100 percent necessary.

9. This emoticon, which can be used in pretty much every situation.


Need we say more? Basically, life's too short to worry -- and no one knows that better than a Type B individual.

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