The One Type Of Robot You Should Fear

The One Type Of Robot You Should Fear

Ken Goldberg, professor of robotics at UC Berkeley, thinks your fear of robots is unfounded.

In the latest episode of "The Future Starts Here," Tiffany Shlain, filmmaker and founder of The Webby Awards, asked Goldberg (who happens to be her husband) if and when robots will surpass humans and take over.

"The more I learn about robots, the more I realize how far we still have to go," he told Shlain. He thinks fears of a forthcoming robo-revolution are overblown.

However, Goldberg is still concerned about one type of autonomous machine: Drones. "The new drones are agile and essentially invisible, so they can observe and strike without warning," he said.

So the only robots we have to fear are the ones flying in the sky with guns? Comforting thought.

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