Types Of Vanilla: Tahitian, Mexican And Madagascar

Vanilla Isn't Vanilla: It's More Exotic Than You Think

What would a baker do without vanilla? Their cookies wouldn't taste as sweet and their custards would be bland. A world without vanilla would be a sad, sad place. But lucky for us, not only can we easily get our hands on this entrancing spice, but we even have the option to pick our favorite variety; the most popular being Tahitian, Mexican or Bourbon (also known as Madagascar). But, when faced with these options, which one should you choose?

Unless you're a vanilla aficionado, you most likely don't know what the difference is between these three varieties of vanilla. Some people believe that vanilla is vanilla is vanilla, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Tahitian, Mexican and Bourbon vanilla all have their own unique flavor profile; and they have something different to offer to the dishes they're enhancing.

The only problem with vanilla is that this spice can cost you a pretty penny. And it's that high price tag that has many of us opting for imitation vanilla (even if we don't admit it to anyone). But with a little bit of research, and the ability to shop online, you can get this fragrant pod for a reasonable price. We quite like Beanilla and Chef Central as resources; and Amazon has never let us down. Click through the slideshow below to learn the difference between these three varieties. And next time you shop for vanilla (the real thing!) you'll know which one is right for you.

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Bourbon (Madagascar)

Vanilla Varieties

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