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Tyra Banks Talks 'Modelland', Harvard Business School (VIDEO)


Somebody get this lady some decaf!

A quite enthusiastic Tyra Banks appeared on "Good Morning America" to promote her new book, "Modelland." As a tie-in to the novel, Banks was sporting a curious look: a gold sparkly wing attached above her left eye.

To begin the interview, perplexed anchor Robin Roberts could only gesture to Tyra's face and ask, "OK, what's up?"

And thus Tyra began her trip to Crazy Town:

"What's up with my eye? OK, so at Modelland, this fantasy world that I've created for my novel, if you find one of these, which I call a 'smize,' it increases your chances of getting into the most exclusive school in the entire world, the school that creates the most amazing supermodels called Intoxibellas. It increases your chances by 91 percent. [...] The models have magic in this school most definitely, so it's a totally fantasy adventure novel."

The supermodel-turned-TV host-turned-author has apparently been working on the book, the first of a three-part series, for five years, getting so characteristically worked up about the project that she developed carpal tunnel syndrome from feverish two-finger typing.

But she can't stop now, because she's got some big plans. Tyra told Roberts that she's not satisfied with just two TV shows or the "Modelland" series, but wants to create an entire cultural world à la Disneyland:

"I look up to Walt Disney and what he has done. [...] That's what I want to do for young women and women around the entire world. And I feel like the message of empowering women and expanding the definition of beauty is bigger than me -- like, I want years from now for people to be experiencing Modelland or whatever it is and for the mom to go, 'You know that was a girl named Tyra who started that,' and that girl is like, 'Really -- who cares? Let's go on this ride!' or let's do this or let's read this book or watch this show."

To accomplish her goal of total cultural domination, Tyra has enrolled in Harvard Business School, shacking up in the dorms and studying alongside her stunned classmates.

In addition, of course, to gunning for her Pulitzer for "Modelland".

The book debuts September 13, but if you're as insanely restless as Tyra, you can pre-order it on


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