Tyra Banks Doesn’t Have Time For Drake’s Worst Behavior In ‘Child’s Play’ Video

Cheesecake, meet 6ix god.

Over the weekend, Drake released the video for the latest single off “Views,” called “Child’s Play,” starring none other than model and smize expert Tyra Banks. 

The video, which is essentially a short film at over 12 minutes, features Banks in the role of the 6ix god’s girlfriend. The two are out at what might be the nicest Cheesecake Factory in existence for an anniversary dinner, when Banks calls out the rapper’s cheating ways. (She saw a text sent to him by another woman.) 

“She didn’t call you Drake, she called you Aubrey,” Banks says, her voice rising as patrons stare. “So obviously there’s something a little bit more intimate for her to call you Aubrey. I call you Aubrey. Your mom calls you Aubrey. These bitches call you fucking Drake!”

The argument escalates, eventually ending with Banks giving Drake exactly what he deserves: a slice of cheesecake in the face, topped off with a glass of red wine poured over his head.  

But alas, the rapper doesn’t let the cheesecake stop him from spitting his verses at the restaurant or heading to the strip club afterward for more than one dance. 

Watch the whole thing above.



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