Tyra Banks Is Ready To Shine Bright In 'Life-Size' Sequel

Long live Eve.

Disney’s 2000 made-for-TV film “Life-Size” was a super fun confection that had all of us wishing our Barbie dolls would come to life and sing with us.

Seventeen years later, it’s getting a sequel. 

Aptly titled “Life-Size 2,” the film will feature Tyra Banks reprising her iconic role as Eve. The storyline follows Eve helping a young woman “learn to live and love again,” according to the press release.

If you’re wondering, “did Christmas come early this year?”, you’re on the right wavelength because the film is also being described as a “fun, edgy, modern Christmas movie.” So many adjectives! What a party!

No word yet on whether or not Lindsay Lohan will reprise her role as Eve’s comrade/owner (yikes), Casey, but fans on social media seem to be just as excited as we are.

”Life-Size 2” will premiere on Freeform in December 2018, but if you can’t wait until then, please enjoy this classic scene from the first film:


Eve IS great.



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