Tyra Banks On Jimmy Kimmel, Talks 'Modelland' & Drugs (VIDEO)

WATCH: We Are Very Distracted By Tyra's Earrings

Tyra Banks was in fine form last night, chatting with Jimmy Kimmel about her wacky new book, "Modelland."

As always, the model-turned-entrepreneur was chatty and upbeat, explaining yet again her novel's inane premise (at a fantasy model school girls try to become Intoxibellas, supermodels with superpowers...)

Luckily, Jimmy Kimmel, bless his snarky heart, actually came right out and said what we've all been thinking about Tyra's crazy project: "You were high when you wrote this book, weren't you?"

"I've never had a drug in my life, Jimmy," Tyra demurs. "I'm just flying on a natural high!"

Tyra doesn't do much to help her cause, going to on to describe the book's details in all their zany glory and admitting that she has a gay man living inside of her.

"You were definitely stoned when you wrote this thing," Jimmy insists, giggling. "It's actually printed on rolling papers."

Jimmy also calls Tyra out on her whole going-to-Harvard Business School venture, after she goes on and on about how hard it is (we're shocked!) So Jimmy just states the obvious: "Why are you doing this? You could buy Harvard if you wanted to, couldn't you?"

It's all funny stuff... that we would have paid even more attention to if we weren't so distracted by Tyra's GIANT hoop earrings.


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