Tyra Banks: 'Modelland' May Become Movie

Tyra To The Big Screen Again?

Tyra Banks can't be stopped. After launching the "All-Stars" spin-off of her hit show, "America's Next Top Model," and publishing her first book, Banks has plans head back to the big-screen.

"Modelland," Tyra's new young adult novel for teen girls, follows a girl named Tookie De La Creme who gets invited to attend an elite modeling school called Modelland.

It is, as Tyra told Robin Roberts on "Good Morning America," "the most exclusive school in the entire world, the school that creates the most amazing supermodels called Intoxibellas." OK, sure.

After signing copies of her fantasy adventure novel in New York to eager smize-wearing fans (smize = a gold-sequined wing attached to the eye, which Tyra rocked on "GMA"), Tyra is almost ready to bring Tookie De La Creme and her aspiring model friends to the big screen.

AP reports that the model-entrepreneur has already been approached by a major Hollywood producer about turning the book into a movie. "I would love to open up the `Modelland' casting to the world. I'm looking for an Everygirl to possibly play one of the characters in the story," Tyra said.

After all, it is what Banks studied in school (who knew?). She said, "That's what I was going to go to college for... I've done the TV thing and will continue to do so, but the idea of films is pretty amazing."

Would you go see it?

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