Tyra Banks Is A New York Times Bestselling Author

Tyra Banks: Bestselling Author?

Tyra Banks is many things: supermodel, TV host, producer and even a Harvard student. Now she's apparently added "New York Times bestselling author" to her growing list of occupations.

Her recently debuted "Modelland," currently sits at the number two spot on the New York Times’ bestsellers list for children’s chapter books.

Although being a bestselling author was pretty unexpected, Tyra has big plans for her book: she has expressed desire to adopt "Modelland" into a big-screen movie.

The supermodel has pulled some pretty wacky stunts in the past, so we'd be curious to see how the young adult novel -- in which aspiring models named Intoxibellas compete to become the best supermodels in the world at the top school, Modelland -- translates on screen.

One guess: it won't win the number two box office spot on opening weekend. That kind of success Tyra should expect only in the New York Times.

Read Tyra's take on her book here.

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