High School Football Player Dies After Punt-Return Injury

Tyrell Cameron was a sophomore at Franklin Parish High School in Louisiana.

A Louisiana high school football player died Friday night after breaking his neck on a punt return.

Tyrell Cameron, a sophomore at Franklin Parish High School in Winnsboro, Louisiana, was wheeled off the field on a stretcher in the fourth quarter after being hit on the field. He was taken to nearby Franklin Medical Center and died shortly after, CNN reported

“He was humble,” Aaron Monnin, a former teammate, told USA Today. “He was very instinctive and had overwhelming potential. We would tell him how good he was going to be and he never accepted it. He would just flash us a grin and shake his head."

Cameron's school paid tribute to him on social media. 

Cameron's death comes amid increasing concern over the safety of playing football, from youth leagues to the NFL. On Wednesday, a high school running back was paralyzed from the waist down after breaking his neck in a junior varsity game. 

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