Tyrese Gibson Calls Out 'White' Radio Stations For Being Racist

"I don't create limits for myself so I don't appreciate mainstream [radio] not playing my song."

Tyrese Gibson's new album "Black Rose" may be No. 1 right now, but that doesn't seem to be helping him get any airplay. 

TMZ released a video in which the 36-year-old explains his qualms with mainstream radio stations, calling out DJs like Ryan Seacrest and Elvis Duran for not playing his latest single, "Shame."

"I got an issue with mainstream radio right now," he said. "I don't create limits for myself so I don't appreciate mainstream [radio] not playing my song." 

He then goes on to say that when artists like Justin Timberlake and Sam Smith release a song, it gets played across all channels, including "urban" stations. 

"If I'm No. 1 ... my song deserves to be heard by the world," he continued. 

Last week the singer penned an open letter (published on Facebook) to Seacrest and Duran expressing these same sentiments.

"How is it possible that urban radio plays Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake and Sam Smith when they release R&B soul records and when we're singing in the EXACT same genre, WE don't get ANY love on the other side ... ??" he wrote. 

"Do you have any idea how HARD it is to get your songs ON urban radio? Or to land a BET nomination? We have to work our ASSES OFF for every spin!" Tyrese continued, noting that his tune "Shame," featuring Jennifer Hudson, deserved to be heard worldwide.

"I won't stop or rest until we get there ... ‪#‎King‬," he finished.

You can read the letter in its entirety below. 

Open letter to Mr Ryan Seacrest of Kiss FM and Mr Elvis Duran of Z-100. Since you don't want to respond, let's turn...

Posted by Tyrese Gibson on Saturday, July 18, 2015

While we definitely see where Tyrese is coming from -- who wouldn't want want their song played on mainstream radio? -- a look at the playlists at both stations (Z-100 and KIIS FM) he named shows they do play music by black artists (Omarion, OMI, and Wiz Khalifa among them). "Hit" stations like the two mentioned do seem to cater to specific audiences who seem to love the same 10 songs (ugh) no matter what else gets released, though, which can be difficult to break into as an artist trying to get their song on the radio. 

But at least Tyrese can rest happy knowing he has a No. 1 single on his hands, which he got without the help of mainstream radio. Some airplay would surely be appreciated, though.

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